24th February

2022 That's the way we do it Internationally

by Aditya Sharma


That's the way we do it - " Internationally"


Bio: Employed by a large American IT company in Ireland, Charles has worked for many years in Asian, African and European companies. He has had to learn the art of saying Hello in +60 countries and often got it wrong. Mentoring and training young professionals today, Charles also has a special interest in sleep.

Overview: Brief presentation of personal anecdotes and tips about working and living in Ireland and overseas.






Bio: Dami is a full stack web developer hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. He is an avid gamer and as much enjoys developing games. He currently works at baseworx, a member of JCI GALWAY, and is very open to learning and connecting.

Overview: Working and studying experience in Ireland







Bio: Jia Min Tan currently is a second year law degree student in  Letterkenny institute of technology. She is active in college and non-profit organisation. Involved in organising different events and competition. At the same time also as volunteer in fundraising for tsunami and helping the poor people to move and clean house. She had visit almost all
Southeast Asia countries and enjoy the culture from different countries.

Overview: Don't say the world is small before take a journey





Bio: Aditya is a hospitality professional working as operations manager  in CoClare. came to Ireland 3 years back to for  his masters from NUIG. On the side he have a small individual business of proving lean and waste management consultancy to small firms and Individual.  







Bio: Alma Gonzalez is an adult educator and talent development consultant. Founder of STRATHA Learning Corporation, Alma’s life is all about enabling human progress through the power of education. Her mission is to help humanity achieve its next level of evolution by creating learning solutions that develop talents and enhance uniquely human skills. Since earning her PhD in 2014, Alma has been fully immersed in the learning and development ecosystem, working with individuals, corporations, governments and higher education institutions all over the world. 

Overview: How to Be a Global Citizen








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