22nd December

Get Started as an Entrepreneur Series - 2: The Power of Belief in the Entrepreneurial Mind

by Lee Tunney-Ware


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Beliefs, how they shape us personally, shape our successes and create our failures.

Your beliefs are the governing factor that will determine your reality. Beliefs control every breath, thought and action you take in life. Your beliefs are your personal truths, "THEY ARE NOT THE TRUTH".

Imagine a world beyond the threshold of your beliefs, whereby you stood on a firm foundation, with no restriction to accomplish success beyond your own limits.

Whether it be in your personal life, or in business or just everyday life in general.

Beliefs are the restrictions we impose upon ourselves, they affect our self-image, self-judgement and self-value. They affect every decision, every judgement and every outcome.

We communicate and interact with the world around us, through our beliefs and are heard and understood through the beliefs of others. In many ways we play a life game of not pass the parcel but pass the beliefs! We help, support and create each others beliefs to the point we dont know our true selves anymore...

A life beyond the master of belief is the right of every human being, because that is where true freedom and success are found. Your success in life and business is determined within the limits of your beliefs within the freedom of truth!

*Get Started as an Entrepreneur will consist of 6 sessions of speakers, if you complete 4 or above sessions of the series you get a JCI certificate. This is a great programme for anyone that is interested in starting up there own business or maybe already in it and needs that little bit more. 

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Date & Time

Tuesday, 22 December 2020
18:30 - 19:30 GMT


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