Facilitator(s): JCI Galway

Co-host by JCi Galway and Galway City Cleanup Group, we are bringing you to do a cleanup in salthill this Sunday!! Come and join us! 

================= IMPORTANT !!! ===============
Meet at Palmers Rock at 2:00 pm

Rundown - 
2:00 p.m. Meet at Palmers Rock (Salthill,Galway)
2:10 p.m. Walk to the Trash Point
2::15 p.m. Do briefing and starting to cleanup
3:50 p.m Fnishing up 
4:00 p.m. End of the Event

Please have some food first before joining the cleanup!! 


Keeping these short and sweet before Galway's awesome volunteers get burn out- there will be many more to do :(

Chill Reminders:
1. Prepare your picking kits - Gloves+ Rubbish bags;

2. Hydrate and Refresh yourself - Sufficient Water + Snacks (suggest anything in CANS or similar for easy recycling/ reduce plastic footprint);

3. Wear the Shoes you don’t mind getting a bit messed up (Bring spare clothes for changing if necessary).

**Bags and gloves will be provided.

If parents want to bring their kids, please take good care of them as the organizier will not bear any responsibility if any accidents happen.

Please contact JCI Galway President Carol at president@jcigalway.org or inbox us for enquires. 

***By going to this activity, you agree and are binded by the following disclaimer: 

JCI Galway serves as a voluntary group of "Salthill Cleanup" (hereandafter noted as "activity"). As such, JCI Galway is not responsible for the acts and any liabilities.

By joining the activity, you acknowledge and accept that the activity and all related program and resources provided in the activity are not liable to JCI Galway and in strictly voluntary nature.

As a condition of joining the activity, you release and discharge the liabilities of JCI Galway, including but not limited from all costs, claims, demands, lawsuits, and causes of action, of any nature, for injuries sustained to your person (including death) and/or damage to or destruction of property. You understand that this release is intended to be read as broadly as the law will allow.

You also understand that you grant to any reproduction and applications, without compensation, of your name and image in photos, audio or video for any publications.

You acknowledge that you are an adult, 18 years or older, and have read and understand this agreement and freely and knowingly give consent to JCI Galway as described herein.

Get Directions

Date & Time

10 Jun 2018
09:00 - 20:00


JCI Galway, Portershed, Eyre Square, Galway City, Galway, H91 HY51, Ireland Map


* Registration closes at the end of event



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