23rd March

'Your Sleep': Benefits of a Good Sleep

by Charles Eder

Session 3: Benefits of a Good Sleep

About this Event

This is the 3rd Event of our 'Your Kitchen, Your Garden, Your Sleep' series.

About speaker:

Charles Eder- passionate to help people enjoy life to its fullest by facilitating their grasp and better management of the most vital and least controlled activity: good sleep.

I am on a journey to say “hello” to every country, with 61 done so far. After countless restful sleeps in hundreds of different locations and beds … and a few too many restless nights before a trip, a date, an exam, or a new adventure, I’ve gone from individual experiences to the study of the science and art of sleep. I now enjoy sharing this knowledge by mentoring people who need my help. I’ve completely dedicated myself to the art and science of sleep.

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Date & Time

Tuesday, 23 March 2021
18:30 - 19:00 GMT


Online, Zoom,

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