JCI Tourist Guide
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JCI Tourist Guide

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The Galway Tourist Guide has been published by JCI Galway for nearly 60 years, between 1962 - 2020. 

Galway is a medieval city steeped in history and culture, awarded the European Capital of Culture 2020. Voted the Friendliest City in the World and in 2015 ranked Europe’s Micro-City of the Year.

Produced by a voluntary committee, now in its 47th edition, is the oldest and best-known project organized by JCI Galway. Up to sixty thousand copies of this guide are distributed locally, nationally and internationally each year since 1962. 

Since the establishment of JCI Galway in 1961, we have served as a leadership training platform to encourage young people to be active citizens and create positive change in several areas including individual, international, community, and business.

Number Of Pages: 60 high quality printed pages
Number Of Copies: 60,000 copies distributed locally, nationally and internationally
Features This Year Include: "City of Tribes" themed walking Tour of Galway City Centre (by Adrian J Martyn)
Admin Manager
Admin Manager
03-11-2020 09:22
The return of the Tourist Guide is an important development for the city & county for tourism as well for small businesses.

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